SPF Record Generator

Detect and generate a new SPF record.

About Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

Policy Framework (SPF) is a set of technical standards used to prevent someone from spoofing messages on behalf of your domain by publishing a list of approved IPs, or services providers. You can enable SPF-based authentication by adding a TXT record in the domain’s DNS. This tool will check the current SPF record for your domain and determine if it is valid. In case of an issue, the tools will highlight the errors and provide possible solutions to resolve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an SPF record?

SPF is a long standing and effective method of providing authentication to your email messages. Domains looking to send email should implement SPF to properly disclose the mail servers and service providers approved to send emails on their behalf.

Where do I set-up my SPF record?

What needs to be in an SPF record?