AMP Email Editor Beta

With the AMP email editor, you can create interactive, dynamic, and rich email experiences for your users. Automatically build interactive campaigns and dynamic emails without having to code.

About AMP Editor

We believe that email marketing is the most effective way to reach customers. But, many marketers find it hard to make their emails look good. That's why we created the AMP Email Editor, a drag-and-drop email editor that helps marketers design beautiful emails without any coding knowledge.

The AMP Email Editor cuts down on time spent on designing emails by 70% and also makes it easy to use AMP - a new standard that helps make your emails load 30% faster on mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AMP Email?

Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP for email is like a mini website in your email. It's a technology created by Google that allows marketers to create and send interactive elements in email, like carousels, accordions, confirmations, purchase buttons, etc., into their emails without redirecting to another website. AMP emails also allow you to update content in real time, ensuring that your emails remain relevant.

What are the advantages of AMP Email?

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Which email providers support AMP?

What is an AMP email template?