Grade My Email

GradeMyEmail is a free tool that scans, investigates, and finds bottlenecks
that can cause your emails to bounce or land in spam.

About GradeMyEmail

Welcome to GradeMyEmail! We know that successfully delivering emails is one of the key drivers for business and we are here to help. Need help monitoring your domains against a wide number of blacklists? Need help configuring your authentication records? Or you just want to test that they are working as expected? We've got you covered on all fronts.

Interested in having us monitor your domains? Simply create an account and we will update you when we notice something has changed with your domain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does GradeMyEmail work?

GradeMyEmail is powered by Netcore's proprietary AI-based algorithm, which captures over 100 publicly available email metrics to bring actionable insights for improving your email delivery.We test all the important settings you should have configured on your email and show you where you may be able to improve a few things.We will also keep an eye on your domains and IPs for you and let you know if we spot any issues.

How do I subscribe to a free weekly domain and email health report?