Blocklist Checker

Check your domain across 100+ global blocklists,
And learn how to get delisted.

About Blocklist Check

The Blocklist tool will check the domain or IP address against 100+ email blocklists, commonly referred to as DNSBLs or RBLs.

Getting your domain or IP listed in multiple blocklists will have an immediate impact on your email deliverability rates. Each of the blocklists that we've tested have their own criteria for including a domain or IP address in their records. The most common reasons include sending unsolicited emails to their spamtraps, receiving complaints from users or a technical configuration issue that results in spam-like behaviour.

If you're confident about the quality of your emails and still unable to figure out what went wrong,we recommend you review your list hygiene, data collection and general data management processes to ensure that you are following all the recommended best practices for senders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an email blocklist?

An email blocklist more commonly known as a DNSBL (Domain Name System-based Block List) or RBL Real-time Block List is a list of public domains and IP addresses that are marked to be suspicious for sending spam, phishing, or emails containing malware.There are dozens of blocklists that provide different levels, accuracy or types of filtering services...

What behavior can gets you listed in an email blocklist